DIY Donut Bouquet

It’s officially February – we all know what thought comes to mind … Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.

Yes us ladies love flowers, but know what else we love? Donuts.

So I decided to combine the two in a simple and cost efficient way for you!

Whether you’re celebrating Galentine’s Day or Valentine’s Day, or just want to show a girl or friend how much you care about her, here’s a simple and cost efficient delicious and adorable DIY!

The materials needed can be purchased from 2 simple stores, a donut shop of your choice and Michaels.

Krispy Kreme:

• My favourite donuts are from Krispy Kreme which are the ones used here in this photo – to add a touch of layering, both regular sized and mini donuts were used. Feel free to purchase your donuts from your favourite store!


• Burlap

• Lollipop Sticks

• Greenery Stem

• Pink Ribbon

If you want to add a personal touch like the cute cards below in the photo, then scribble in one last stop on your list – Winners/Home Sense

The easy steps are as follows:

1. Carefully place each donut on a lollipop stick of its own

2. Roll out burlap and cut to ensure there is enough space from a few inches above the top of the highest donut and below the lowest stick (allow there to be extra length on the bottom to wrap and tie with ribbon!)

3. Lay out donut sticks on burlap in the order of your choice

4. Add pieces from greenery stem to cover the lollipop sticks

5. Take one side of the bottom of the burlap and drag over the other, wrapping it to look like the bottom of a flower bouquet

6. Tie ribbon of your choice slightly above the bottom of the burlap tip

7. Add card of your choice

I hope this DIY donut bouquet is of use to you this Valentine’s Day or for any occasion!

Keep it sweet, thoughtful and simple!

x The Brown Eyed Phoenix

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